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Galactic Republic "Lefty" Grandarak Galactic Republic

"Lefty" Grandarak

Level 30 Smuggler Advanced Trainer NPC

Faction: Galactic Republic
Species: Arcona
Gender: Male
Health: 2145
Planet: Republic Fleet
Region: Carrick Station
Location: [-4804, -4537]

"Lefty" Grandarak is a male arcona smuggler encountered on Carrick Station, the space station that serves as the command center for the Republic Fleet. Lefty is being hunted by the crime lord Rogun the Butcher.[1]


Smugglers tend to look out for one another, especially if they're being hunted by the same person. "Lefty" Grandarak managed to cross a crime lord known as Rogun the Butcher. News has arrived on Carrick Station indicating that another smuggler has also landed himself on Rogun's hit list. Grandarak is willing to share some of his tricks and experiences with this young smuggler.[1]

Mission objective
Galactic Republic Icon class smuggler.png [10] Advanced Training: Smuggler


"Lefty" was a smuggler trainer that was removed in Game Update 5.0.0 when Advanced classes were changed to being chosen at character creation instead of level 10.

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