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[DAILY] Blood Sample is a daily mission part of the Rakghoul Pandemic World Event. It is acquired by looting Blood Sample from Rakghouls in the Wreck of the Stardream area on Tatooine. The level of the mission varies depending on the player's level.


  1. Use the Research Station
  2. Use the Serum on Infected Sand People: 0/5
  3. Deliver the Results to the Mission Drop Box


The player will receive, upon turning this mission in:

  • Credits|Varies depending on level
  • XP|Varies depending on level
  • Light side|50 Light side points or Dark side|50 Dark side points

The player will also receive:

  • 2 Rakghoul DNA Sample

The player will also get to select:

  • 1 Rakghoul DNA Sample or
  • Republic Containment Officer Boots