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1st Anniversary Fireworks
1st Anniversary Fireworks
Binds on Pickup
Use: Fires off a salvo of fireworks that display your faction's insignia! (Cooldown: 3 seconds)

1st Anniversary Fireworks are prototype fireworks. Upon use, fireworks will shoot into the air showing either a Republic or Imperial isignia.


1st Anniversary Fireworks are obtained via in-game mail for players who were active during the first year of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Mail text[]

Players receive an in-game mail titled 1st Anniversary Fireworks from Star Wars: The Old Republic with 25 fireworks attached.

Thank you for being a part of the Star Wars: The Old Republic community during the past year!

Enclosed is a special in-game reward as our thanks for your support during the first year of The Old Republic. Celebrate with friends and light up the skies across the galazy with a stack of 25 complimentary faction-based fireworks.

Have fun, and may the Force be with you!

~ 1st Anniversary Fireworks mail text

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