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A Clean Sweep

Level 33 mission

Planet [[Balmorra]]
Area [[Troida Military Workshop (Republic)]]
End Dropbox
Experience 13560
Rewards 4320

Mission Chain

Galactic Republic [33] Liberating Sobrik
Galactic Republic [33] Stage 1 - A Clean Sweep (Bonus)
Galactic Republic [33] Stage 2 - A Clean Sweep (Bonus)
Galactic Republic [33] Stage 3 - A Clean Sweep (Bonus)
Galactic Republic [33] Final Stage - A Clean Sweep (Bonus)
Galactic Republic [33] A Clean Sweep (Bonus)


With your help, the Balmorran resistance is ready to take back the city of Sobrik. As you fight your way towards the spaceport, take action to make the Empire wish they had never occupied the city at all.

You have successfully thinned the Empire's numbers and broken down morale by sabotaging their systems. You also defeated City Commander Tyrus and acquired his ID tags as proof of his demise. Deliver them to the dropbox at the Troida Military Workshop in the Gorinth Canyon.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, A Clean Sweep mission description