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A Long Forgotten Evil

Level 47 mission

Planet [[Voss]]
Area [[The Grim Warrens]]
Start [[Murbek Gehn]]
End [[Murbek Gehn]]
Bonus Sith Empire [46] Rampant Corruption
Previous Sith Empire [47] Dark Rites: Cleansing Ritual

A Long Forgotten Evil is a level 47 mission available to characters belonging to the Sith Empire. It is obtained on Voss by speaking with Murbek Gehn in Ghen's Overlook Command Center.


Murbek Gehn is convinced that the answer to the Nightmare Lands' darkness lies in the Grim Warrens of the Dark Heart.
~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, A Long Forgotten Evil mission description


  • Locate the Source of the Dark Heart's Power
    • Bonus mission: Sith Empire [46] Rampant Corruption
  • Speak to the Avatar of Sel-Makor
  • Defeat the Avatar of Sel-Makor
  • Return to Darth Serevin
  • Choice: Tell Voss the truth
  • Light Side Icon.png +100 "The Voss and Gormak are one."
  • Choice: Implicate the Jedi
  • Dark Side Icon.png +100 "Jedi poisoned your world."


  • Credit.png 3,740
  •  ?? XP
  • Light Side Icon.png +100 -or- Dark Side Icon.png +100
  • Codex entry: Darth Serevin

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