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Tell Voss the truth[]

If you decide to tell the Voss the truth about their origins, you will receive a mail titled Recompense from Darth Serevin with Credit.png 2,392 attached.

Days of patient negotiations, endless gifts and delicate political maneuvering in both Voss-Ka and Kaas City--then one sentence from you and our entire position on Voss comes crashing down. The Voss are no longer interested in discussing an alliance against the Republic and are now focused on the Gormak. I hope you are satisfied.

The sole advantage to come out of this disaster is that the Voss Mystics seem to have warmed to us slightly in the interim. Your "discovery" is spoken of with interest, as are you. I cannot possibly imagine why, but the Mystics will not be satisfied until you are furnished with a reward. In the interest of not jeopardizing our situation here further, I enclose both the gift... and a heartfelt request that you consider the Empire's future more carefully from now on.

Darth Serevin

~ Recompense mail text