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CGR-80: "I am Ceremony, Gala and Ritual droid designation CGR-80. You may call me 'Seeger.' Shall we begin your joining?"
  • Yes. Immediately. (" ")
CGR-80: " "
  • Where did you come from? (" ")
CGR-80: " "
  • Doc, this is ridiculous. (" ")
CGR-80: " "

CGR-80: "Please hold hands while I recite the Terms of Bonding.... In all the galaxy, there is no greater force than true love."
CGR-80: "Love sustains, nourishes and protects. Without love, the galaxy would be cold and empty. Your bond lends fire to the stars, dissolving the darkness."
CGR-80: "Do you take this man as your husband, to cherish for the rest of your days?"
  • ("I do. Now and forever.")
CGR-80: "Do you take this woman as your wife, to honor in word and deed?"
Doc: "Definitely and always. We married yet?"
CGR-80: "May your love transcend time, distance and all barriers between. The Terms of Bonding are complete. You may now kiss."

CGR-80: "Please do. I am scheduled to preside over a Rodian harvest festival in three days. Rodians expect punctuality...."
Doc: "So there you have it. You and me. Together forever."
  • ("I never imagined it happening like this, but now I can't imagine it any other way.")
Doc: "I don't know what that means, but it sounded good."