A Mule Out of Water
Mission Data
Start Corso Riggs
End Rona Riggs
Level 21
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Coruscant
Experience  ?
Previous Next
n/a A Sky Full of Stars

A Mule out of water is the first companion mission available from the Smuggler companion Corso Riggs. This quest is given by Corso once the player has achieved an affection rating with him of around +3000. After receiving a tip off about the whereabouts of his cousin, Corso Riggs has asked the smuggler to journey to Coruscant with him in order to follow up this lead.


  1. Travel to Coruscant
  2. Speak to Doctor Hope
  3. Speak to the nurse 'Big Jan'
  4. Confront "Doctor" Hope


There is a bug that causes the quest marker to lead to no where. This has been note in 2011 and is still around on some systems (Aug 2015)


  1. Land on Coruscant
  2. Head to Dealer's Den Cantina
  3. Load up the mission log and click on abandon
  4. Start conversation with Corso Riggs again to start mission
  5. Dr Hope has mission icon (in same location)
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