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A Slight Lean

Level 4 mission

Planet Hutta
Area Jiguuna
Location Nem'ro's Palace
Start Morsel
End Chief Enforcer
Disambig.png This article is about the Hutta mission. For the underworld trading mission, see A Slight Lean (underworld trading).

A Slight Lean is a level 4 mission available to Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents. It is received by player characters on Hutta by speaking to Morsel, Administrator of the Evocii Work Camp.


While passing through the cantina at Nem'ro's palace, you met Morsel, who was hired by Nem'ro to keep his enforcers in line. He's had a hard time earning respect and asks you to go to the Evocii work camp and lean on the chief enforcer a bit. Go to the Voam Evocii village and have a talk with the chief enforcer.


  • Choice: "Me and the boys were just having some fun. We didn't think--you're not going to kill me, are you?"
Dark Side Icon.png +50 -- "Next time you die."
Light Side Icon.png +50 -- "No, don't worry about it."


Choice of Reward

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