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Achievements are awarded for challenges and accomplishments that a player has completed. Achievements are tied to a player's Legacy and are earned and shared across all characters of a Legacy.

Categories[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Players receive points, called Prestige, for every achievement completed. As of Patch 2.0.0, there are 30,165 points that can be earned. In addition to points, some achievements award titles and Cartel Coins. Achievements that award Cartel Coins will only be awarded once per account, not per Legacy.

Hidden[edit | edit source]

There are several hidden achievements that will not show up on the User Interface until they have been earned.

Nar Shadaa Nightlife

Rakghoul Resurgence (175pt):

Companions (340pt):

  • Xalek
    • Xalek: Rejected (50pt) - Kill, Imprison, or Reject Xalek during Death Before Dishonor
  • Lokin
    • Eckard Lokin: Rejected (50pt) - Reject Lokin during A Kindly Old Monster
    • Revolution! (0pt) - Deposed the King, forcing him to live a life of ignominy among the peasantry. 1
    • There You Are! (10pt) - Feed Scritchy 10 times in the Alliance Hangar


  • No Mercy (10pt) - Kill 25 Injured Umbaran Soldiers during Crisis on Umbara
  • Overkill (achievement) (50pt) - Kill the Temple Guardian in the Traitor Among the Chiss



  • ...Who's Scruffy Looking? (10pt): Collect 3 Nerf Calves
    • Arctic Nerf Calf - Found Nerf Calf on Hoth
    • Hill Nerf Calf - Found Nerf Calf on Alderaan
    • Nightmare Nerf Calf - Found Nerf Calf on Voss

Exploration - Data Mining (25pt):

  • Battledroid R4-GL - Nar Shadaa: Network Security District - World Boss
  • Beharen Security Droid - Corellia: Labor Valley: Biochemical Industrial District - Weak
  • Berserk Czerka Droid - Tatooine: The Dune Sea: Czerka Archeological Site
  • Damaged Scanner Droid - Corellia: Labor Valley: Biochemical Industrial District - Weak
  • Damaged Security Droid - Corellia: Labor Valley: Biochemical Industrial District - Strong
  • Data Core - VM Terror from Beyond
  • EN-4C - VM Cademimu
  • HyperMatter Sentinel Droid - The Black Hole: Refinery District - Elite
  • Mentor - SM Directive 7
  • Operator IX - SM Terror from Beyond
  • Renegade Astromech Droid - Nar Shadaa: Network Security District: Grid Databanks - Weak
  • Renegade Security Droid - Nar Shadaa: Network Security District: Grid Databanks - Weak
  • Ulgo Defense Droid - Alderaan: Kaamos Territory: Ulgo Droid Factory Grounds - Strong

Rishi Datacrons (210pt):

Rishi Class Stories (80pt):

Yavin IV:

Ziost Story (90pt):

Ziost Daily (65pt):

  • Destroyed X-124D (5pt) - Destroyed X-124D during [DAILY] Looking for Signs
  • Destroyed X-662J (5pt) - Destroyed X-662J during [DAILY] Looking for Signs
  • Destroyed X-361D (5pt) - Destroyed X-361D during [DAILY] Looking for Signs
  • Destroyed X-R37T (5pt) - Destroyed X-R37T during [DAILY] Looking for Signs
  • Jump the Rock Shark (10pt) - Jump over a Monolith during [DAILY] Dead Pulse
  • Network Outage (25pt) - Destroyed all four Recon Probes during [DAILY] Looking for Signs
  • Ziost Archivist (10pt) - Found all the lore objects on destroyed Ziost


  • Catch a Ride (0pt) - Ride the speeder around your Strongholds 25 times

Star Fortress (35pt):

  • A Shrouded Vigil (25pt) - Find MCR-X droid with your macrobinoculars in a Star Fortress
  • Both Feet on the Ground (5pt) - Avoided the final blow of an Exarch’s Impaling Strikes
  • When You Play With Fire.... (5pt) - Defeated an Exarch with radiation from the reactor.

1 Probably Unobtainable but I enjoy it too much to take it off the list (Let me know if you find otherwise)

2 I'm not sure if this achievement still exists; there's no missing points in Operations, and the database says it has no categories (so where would it even be in the legacy menu?). I first heard of this achievement via Dulfy on Reddit, then confirmed it with TOR Community and Jedipedia. If you have this achievement, share a screenshot so the world can bask in your glory.

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