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Administrative Complex

Administrative Complex map

The Administrative Complex is a building within the Balmorran Arms Factory located in the Sundari Flatlands on the planet Balmorra. The building has two levels.


Mission objective[]


  • Grand Marshall Cheketta
  • Gray Star
  • Sedoya Senn


  • BAF-300 Heavy Battle Droid
  • Cheketta's Elite Guard
  • Droid Guard
  • Gold Nebray Suppression Droid
  • Factory Administrations Officer
  • Factory Dock Worker
  • Factory Flight Officer
  • FL-1 Load Lifter Droid
  • HE-2 Arbiter Droid
  • Jedi Padawan
  • Prisoner
  • Republic Invader
  • Resistance Armored Trooper
  • Resistance Armsmaster
  • Resistance Militant Loyalist
  • Resistance Siege Gunner
  • Resistance Smuggler
  • Resistance Veteran Guard
  • Y7-O1 Astromech Droid