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Adraas was a Human male Sith Lord who fought in the Sacking of Coruscant. Under the command of Darth Malgus he was tasked with the role of leading a shuttle into the Jedi Temple while Malgus entered on foot. Malgus opposed Adraas's appointment to that role but was overruled by Darth Angral, who was leading the operation on Coruscant, as Adraas was known to be one of Angrals favorites, a feat that Adraas made no point in hiding.

During the battle with the Jedi in their temple Adraas attempted to steal Malgus's target and take on Jedi Master Ven Zallow, which Malgus prevented. After the battle Adraas took advantage of Malgus's time spent out of contact and politically crawled to Angral, presenting his report of the battle before Malgus had the opportunity to.

He was talented politically as a Sith, a trait that didn't lie well with Malgus which allowed him to infuriate Malgus on several occasions.

Soon after the Empire pulled out of Coruscant and returned it to the Republic, Adraas retired to his personal estate awaiting Malgus. Whilst skilled enough to evade death at the hands of the Jedi, Adraas's bluffs about his abilities had no effect on Malgus and he was slain quickly by the more powerful Sith Lord.

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