Advanced Prototype is one of the three Disciplines available to the Powertech advanced class. It focuses on close-range burst damage.

When stalking dangerous prey, a selection of powerful, high-tech armanents can be a hunter's best friend. The Advanced Prototype Powertech's Thermal Detonators, Gauntlet Blades, and Magnatized Bracers devastate their intended target while ensuring the Powertech remains on the bleeding edge of any engagement.

Level Avaible Ability Range Cooldown Description
10 Retractable Blade 4m Plunges a retractable blade into the target that deals [x] kinetic damage and causes the target to bleed for [y] internal damge over 18 seconds.
26 Magnetic Blast 10m Fires a blast of electromagnatized energy at the target, dealing [x] energy damage. Magnetic Blast replaces Flame Burst.
41 Thermal Detonator 30m 15s Hurls a Thermal Detonator that adheres to the target and detonates after several seconds, exploding for [x] kinetic damage. Standard and weak enemies enter a state of panic when the explosive attaches, and are knocked down when it detonates.
57 Energy Blast 10m Unleashes your High Energy Gas Cylinder's stored energy to decimate the target, dealing [x] energy damage. This damage increases based on your current number of Energy Lodes. While High Energy Gas Cylinder is active, Energy Lodes build when Rail Shot is used, and up to 4 charges may be stored at once.
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