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Advanced classes or combat styles define the combat gameplay for the player character. The choice of Combat Style at character creation determines what weapons and armor they can equip as well as the abilities they can use in combat. At a more detailed level, combat style affects the disciplines they can choose from, and the group roles they can perform. Each character chooses their combat style that matches their origin story.

Advanced classes by faction[]

Galactic Republic Sith Empire
Primary class Advanced class Skill trees Primary class Advanced class Skill trees
Icon class jediknight
Jedi Knight
Jedi Guardian Defense Icon class sithwarrior
Sith Warrior
Sith Juggernaut Immortal
Vigilance Vengeance
Focus Rage
Jedi Sentinel Watchman Sith Marauder Annihilation
Combat Carnage
Concentration Fury
Icon class jediconsular
Jedi Consular
Jedi Sage Seer Icon class sithinquisitor
Sith Inquisitor
Sith Sorcerer Corruption
Telekinetics Lightning
Balance Madness
Jedi Shadow Kinetic Combat Sith Assassin Darkness
Infiltration Deception
Serenity Hatred
Icon class trooper
Commando Combat Medic Icon class bountyhunter
Bounty Hunter
Mercenary Bodyguard
Gunnery Arsenal
Assault Specialist Innovative Ordnance
Vanguard Shield Specialist Powertech Shield Tech
Tactics Advanced Prototype
Plasmatech Pyrotech
Icon class smuggler
Gunslinger Sharpshooter Icon class imperialagent
Imperial Agent
Sniper Marksmanship
Saboteur Engineering
Dirty Fighting Virulence
Scoundrel Sawbones Operative Medicine
Scrapper Concealment
Ruffian Lethality


  • Combat Styles are exact mirrors of each other. For example, Smuggler and Imperial Agent gameplay are exact mirrors. They look different, have different stories, different special effects, etc... but the back-end numbers are all an exact match. The table above has been designed to mirror what is mirrored in-game.
  • Force-user stories must choose a force combat style that matches their faction alignment. This can later be overridden by unlocking the final tier light or dark achievements. Tech-users must also choose a tech combat style, although they are not restricted by alignment. In other words, tech-users are more flexible, being able to choose the combat styles from the opposing faction alignment right from the start.
  • For example, a Imperial Agent origin may choose the Vanguard combat style. This is still possible even though the Vanguard combat style is normally an Republic combat style from the opposite faction. On the other hand, the Imperial Agent origin may not choose to be any of the Jedi or Sith combat styles (for example, the Agent origin picking the Jedi Guardian combat style is not allowed).

Roles by advanced class[]

Each combat style can perform different roles depending on discipline.

  • Damager: All combat styles can be damagers. Sentinel, Marauder, Gunslinger and Sniper are the "pure" DPS combat styles.
  • Healer: Healer disciplines include Seer Sage, Corruption Sorcerer, Combat Medic Commando, Bodyguard Mercenary, Sawbones Scoundrel and Medicine Operative.
  • Tank: Tank disciplines include Defense Guardian, Immortal Juggernaut, Kinetic Combat Shadow, Darkness Assassin, Shield Specialist Vanguard and Shield Tech Powertech.
Advanced class Damage Healer Tank
Guardian/Juggernaut Yes No Yes
Sentinel/Marauder Yes No No
Sage/Sorcerer Yes Yes No
Shadow/Assassin Yes No Yes
Commando/Mercenary Yes Yes No
Vanguard/Powertech Yes No Yes
Gunslinger/Sniper Yes No No
Scoundrel/Operative Yes Yes No

Update history[]

At game launch, as a character becomes more seasoned through adventure, they would be given the opportunity to undertake one of two advanced classes. Advanced classes granted access to role-defining abilities and new weapon and armor types, as well as specialized and gradually defined the role a character plays. The original goal of the advanced class system was to allow players to customize their characters according to their playing style. For example, some Sith Warrior players will have wanted to charge into the fight and take the full heat of the enemies' aggression. Others will have wanted to execute their maneuvers more strategically, focused on channeling all their rage to destroy their enemies as quickly as possible. The advanced class system was said to provide these kinds of choices and more.

At Game Update 5.0.0, this was changed for all new characters and Advanced Classes were locked in at character creation. This update also changed the original class trainers to speeder piloting trainers and removed advanced class trainers.

In Game Update 7.0.0 (2023), more flexibility was added to the matching of advanced class and story content due to a revamp.

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