Affection is a scale that measures how the companion characters feel about the player in The Old Republic. If a companion approves of decision a player makes in their presence, their affection with that particular companion increases, if they disprove it decreases.

Affection with a Jedi or light side leaning companion may, for example, increase if the player decides to spare a fallen opponent where as it may decrease if the player chooses to strike him down - it might make sense that a ruthless or dark side companion may take the opposite view and increase affection if you make Dark decisions. This is not the case.

It is similar to Influence, a scale that measures Meetra Surik's influence over the companions. It is unknown how, but it is likely to differ as affection suggests that a really low level affection may mean a companion either dislikes the player or doesn't respect them, whereas influence doesn't measure what the companions think of the Exile, only how she/he can influence them in conversation.

Companion characters will voice their perspectives from time to time, often giving information on current storylines and pointing out locations to visit. They may also try to influence the player's decisions. Likewise, the player will influence each companion, changing how they develop as the story progresses. Some Companions will become close friends or even lovers, while some may gradually become enemies.[6

The SWTOR affection system tracks the relationship between a player and each companion. Buying gifts for the companion and making appropriate conversation choices increase the affection rating. In addition, decisions the player makes when a companion is present can also influence the relationship.[5

Progression in the relationship can open new conversation options, new quests, and unexpected plot twists. For example, companions may reveal secrets about their real identity and background.

It's notable that romance aspects are not required in order to play through a class storyline; however, they will likely add to the depth and tension of the narrative.[1

As a companion gains more affection, lower rank gifts will provide less affection with them. This can be seen in the below table. After the first 2000 affections points have been gained, Rank 1 gifts will give 50% less affection than they did at less than 2000. This goes for all affection ranks and companion gifts.

Affection Level Gift Rank[7]
1 (0-1.999) Rank 1 or higher
2 (2.000-3.999) Rank 2 or higher
3 (4.000-5.999) Rank 3 or higher
4 (6.000-7.999) Rank 4 or higher
5 (8.000-9.999) Rank 5 or higher

Quality of gift also change the value of influence given.

  • Green : No modifier
  • Blue : +50%
  • Purple: +300%
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