★SWTOR - PVP Gameplay - Alderaan Civil War - Tips & Tricks 9

★SWTOR - PVP Gameplay - Alderaan Civil War - Tips & Tricks 9

As two powerful armadas battle in the skies above Alderaan, a ground war rages between Republic and Imperial forces for control of three separate laser cannons that have taken aim at the fleets above the planet. Whichever side controls the turrets controls the battle...[1]

The Alderaan Warzone consists of two teams of 8 players per team. Upon loading into the Warzone and beginning the match, players will start in Drop Ships located above the Warzone. Players will transport to the ground on speeder bikes and fight in an objective-based PvP match with the goal of controlling the planetary defenses. These cannons can be used to attack the other team's drop ship. The winning team is the first team to destroy the opposing team's drop ship.

The defenses consist of one large, central cannon and a few smaller laser cannons around it. Beneath the center turret is a command center that provides a shortcut to the east and west turrets, as well as various power-ups. The cannons can change hands at any time during the battle. Blue or red indicators will show which faction is in control of which turrets. Gaining possession over each turret is noted by a blue progress bar when a character is next to the turret, 'slicing' the controls. This progress is interrupted by attacks.

When a player dies there is no respawn timer; instead, the character returns to their drop ship and must fly a speederbike back to the combat area. This allows players to get a sense of the tactical situation as they approach. .[2]



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