This article is about the warzone arena. You may be looking for the Alderaan Civil War or the planet Alderaan.
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The Alderaan Battlezone is the site of most of the recent fighting between the Republic and Imperial forces on Alderaan. Because of the site's vital importance in the war to determine Alderaan's allegiance, Republic and Imperial ground forces have been dispatched to crush the other and secure the site. The lives of both fleets depends on their success ot failure.


The Battlezone is exactly what it's name suggests it to be. The main objectives to capture around the area are three turbolaser turrets mounted and aimed direclty at the fleets of both armies currently battling in orbit above Alderaan. Both groups of ground forces have been on the site long enough to report that the only way to defeat their opposition is to control the turrets and use them to destroy the enemy fleet as fast as possible.

The Battlezone has been fought over for days, leaving the landscape scarred with huge laser gashes, crashed ships, and craters, providing cover where there once would have been open space. Trees and snow dot the area as well, though they are of no strategic importance to the battle. 

Suspended high above the current warzone is a massive Alderaanian structure of unknown importance, through it is said to be a shield generator of some kind. Troops from both sides have been sent to investigate it through the thick of the fighting, but have turned up dead, proving that the battle here needs to end before any more information can be gleaned from the situation. 

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