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Level 10 Melee NPC

Species [[Human]]
Gender Female
Health 485
Planet [[Ord Mantell]]
Region [[Fort Garnik]]

[[Category:Ord Mantell NPCs]][[Category:Human NPCs]]

Alma is a Human refugee encountered on the planet Ord Mantell. Due to the fighting between the Republic and the separatists, many who call the planet home have been forced to relocate to a camp just outside the walls of Fort Garnik. When she fled Alma was forced to leave with her prized possession, a necklace she claims to be a family heirloom.

Missions[edit | edit source]

When they were forced to flee their homes due to the war between the Republic and the separatists many residents of Talloran Village abandoned their most prized possessions. Alma, now a refugee living outside the walls of Fort Garnik, left behind her grandmother's necklace. She desires the item's return, but scavengers in the area have looted her home and stolen Alma's family heirloom. Also seeking the necklace is Ebenga, an Arcona working for the Republic that believes the item will reveal Alma to be an Imperial spy.[1]

Begins Missions
Galactic Republic [5] Scavenger Hunt

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References[edit | edit source]

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