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"Little is remembered of the Sith Lord Kallig. Like many ancient Sith, his name is all but forgotten, as more powerful–or at least more visible–Sith Lords have taken their place in the historical record. The only known mention of Kallig is in the writings of the famous Dark Lord Tulak Hord, who said “Easily the most ambitious, and therefore the most dangerous of my rivals is Kallig. Therefore, he shall be the first to die.” It is rumored, however, that Tulak Hord was not so successful at killing his rival as he would have liked–and that the strange events in the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas have Kallig at their center."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Aloysius Kallig is a distant ancestor of Darth Nox and was in life a powerful figure, being the best general and greatest rival of the legendary Tulak Hord. He serves as an unofficial mentor to the Sith Inquisitor, wanting to restore his once-proud legacy.


Little is known about Lord Kallig, other than that Tulak Hord accepted Aloysius Kallig as his right-hand man only after he defeated Hord’s then top general in single combat and that he met his untimely end by betrayal from Tulak Hord. After his demise almost all records of him were destroyed; perhaps this is because Tulak Hord feared being overshadowed by his general, or perhaps this is tradition for the Sith, destroying the records of any Sith who failed to obtain ultimate power over all others. Almost no Sith who failed in life are remembered at all for a reason.

It can be surmised that Tulak Hord rose to greatness only because of Kallig, and that he most likely met his death from assassination by the Dashade Khem Val, as the monster comments on the spirit's fate.


Kallig is first mentioned by the Sith Lord Alaric as the player approaches the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas, beginning the side quest Buried Power. This is the only time the Sith Warrior, Bounty Hunter, or Imperial Agent hear about the deceased Sith. Only the Inquisitor, Aloysius' distant descendant, has any further action with him.


Aloysius Kallig is voiced by Edward Hibbert.

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