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Galactic Republic Ambassador Asara Galactic Republic

Ambassador Asara

Level 9 Melee NPC

Faction: Galactic Republic
Species: Twi'lek
Gender: Female
Health: 375
Region: The Esseles

Ambassador Asara or Vyn Asara is a female Rutian Twi'lek who served the Galactic Republic as ambassador during the Cold War. Her duties consisted of speaking diplomatically with planets who were members of the Sith Empire and convincing them to join the Republic. She was on the Republic transport Esseles when it was attacked by Imperial forces, and then learned that she was the target of those attacks by Grand Moff Rycus Kilran himself. She could be found on the Esseles: Docking Level.


Mission objective[]

  • Galactic Republic [10F] The Esseles

The Esseles Flashpoint[]

Asara boarded the transport shuttle Esseles flight path - Carrick Station to Coruscant] at the same time as other Republic Players leaving the fleet. Once all of the party are aboard, Vyn speaks to the group of players as a stranger, confessing that she is nervous that an Imperial ship may be stalking them. Her suspicions are confirmed when the transport is attacked by Grand Moff Kilran's captital ship, The Emperor's Glory. She instructs the group to head to the bridge to assist with holding back the Imperials.

On the bridge, the group learns that the Ambassador is on the transport, however they do not know of her physical appearance, thus they cannot register that the person the talked to as they boarded the ship WAS indeed the Ambassador.

Once the group had fought off the Imperial boarding party lead by Lieutenant Isric, Asara reveals herself. She admits to being the target of the Imperial attack, and thus tries to make things better by suggesting a way to stop the latest threat - removing Ironfist (a Mandalorian warrior under Kilran's hire who has taken command of the bridge). The group follow her suggestion and head down to the Engineering Deck, where Chief Engineer Salen is waiting for them. 

Here they talk with Salen (through a ray shield) about how to get access to the bridge. Asara then catches up with the heroes. The resulting two options are either to reset the reactor, which would cause the engineering section to vent into space and kill the engineering team, or to go throughout the ship and shut down the secondary conduits.

The group can choose either of the paths, but Asara believes that fastest way to save more lives of the people on the transport is to reset the reactor, honoring the engineering team's sacrifice later.

In order for the Esseles to escape, the tractor beam holding them in place must be disabled. The group is tasked with taking a shuttle to the battlecruiser, shutting down the power from within, and returning. Before leaving, First Officer Haken mentions that the Imperials are after Asara, who will also be going with the group. He mentions that if Ambassador Asara is left behind on the battlecruiser to be kidnapped, the Imperials would have no more reason to pursue the craft and their trip to Coruscant would be assured.

The heroes board the battlecruiser, leaving behind a small team of soldiers and Ambassador Asara behind to guard the ship and await your return after shutting down the power. The heroes must then venture through the battlecruiser, fighting more Imperial troops and droids. Progressively harder boss droids must be fought both before and after the terminals are activated that shut down the tractor beam, Grand Moff Kilran will become progressively more irritated with the heroes success as the group progresses.

Once the tractor beam has been disabled and the heroes return to the shuttle, they find that Vokk Vokk has attacked the remaining party, killing the troops and nearly killing Ambassador Asara. The heroes must then battle and defeat the Sith apprentice, earning a special Codex entry upon defeating him. Ambassador Asara wakes up and informs the Heroes that its time to return to the Esseles. The heroes are then given the choice to return with Ambassador Asara or leave her behind.

After the group returns to the Esseles, Asara congratulates them and also apologizes for the mess she believed she caused. 


  • The bridge! You have to hurry, it was all a trap! The Imperials set us up!

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