You get this codex automatically once you complete Flashpoint Depths of Manaan.


"While no SIS database appears to mention Lana Beniko by name, further scrutiny might offer a glimpse into the psyche of this unusual Sith Lord. As detailed in an incident report, a skirmish on Hoth between Republic and Imperial forces during the Treaty of Coruscant ended abruptly when an unidentified female Sith Lord leapt into the midst of the battle, demanding an immediate ceasefire–and an explanation for the fight. When an Imperial officer suggested she wouldn’t understand the nuances of military conflict, he lost his right hand to a lightning-fast lightsaber strike. The Sith, whose reported appearance closely matches that of Beniko, then told everyone to return to their bases and not reengage. The command was promptly obeyed by all, and the Sith Lord was purportedly never seen by Republic forces again."
―In-game Codex Republic Side (Persons of Note)[src]
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