"One of the first outsider settlements built on Tatooine, Anchorhead started as a desperate mining colony and has, over the centuries, grown into one of the largest spaceports on the planet. Anchorhead plays host to pirates and smugglers looking for a place to lie low, merchants and businessmen integral to the survival of the city’s outlying moisture farms, and permanent residents who eke out a living running cantinas, fixing machines and otherwise maintaining the cultural infrastructure. The mining industry has faded away altogether in and around Anchorhead. It was Czerka Corporation that was most resolved to unearth valuable metals several centuries ago, and even after it became clear that no profit was forthcoming, Czerka maintained offices in Anchorhead on and off for centuries–committed not to write the planet off as a total loss."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

Anchorhead is a city on the planet Tatooine. This former Czerka outpost is now a haven for smugglers, pirates and other shady types. While the Galactic Republic has no official presence on the planet, Anchorhead is often a pit stop for Republic starships in the Outer Rim.

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