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Anchorhead Cantina is a rest zone located within Anchorhead on the planet Tatooine. The cantina has a bind point, mailbox, and a jukebox and has two levels.


Mission start

  • Republic.png [25] Astromenace
  • Republic.png [25] The Hunted
  • Republic.png [25H2+] Down the Hole

Mission objective

  • Republic.png [25] Smuggler's Route


  • Client
  • Constable Bakishan
  • Drummer - <The Load Lifters>
  • Kloo Player - <The Load Lifters>
  • Ledo Melnic
  • Nalargonist - <The Load Lifters>
  • Neb Munb
  • Serving Girl
  • Shenax
  • Smuggler
  • Strummer - <The Load Lifters>


  • Cheroth - <Cantina Vendor>
  • Sparis - <Social Items Vendor>

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