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| name = Anti-Armor Stealth Belt

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Anti-Armor Stealth Belt / Anti-Armor Stealth Belt
Anti-Armor Stealth Belt
Binds on Equip
Medium Armor (Rating 38)
   92 Armor
Durability: 100/100
Total Stats:
   +9 Mastery
   +6 Endurance
   +3 Defense Rating

Requires Level 9
Requires Medium Armor

Anti-Armor Stealth Belts are Artifact-quality waist slot Medium Armor. They can be created by player characters through the use of the Armormech Crew Skill.


Armormech crew skill

Anti-Armor Stealth Belts are player-created items. They can be produced by characters trained in the Armormech Crew Skill.

Schematic source
The schematic used to create Anti-Armor Stealth Belts can be obtained by reverse engineering the Prototype-quality version of the item.

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