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Arca Jeth was an Arkanian male Jedi Master with Sephi blood who served the Galactic Republic as Watchman of the Onderon worlds on behalf of the Jedi Order. From his skill with the lightsaber to his mastery of the Force, Jeth was revered as one of the wisest and most powerful Jedi of his day, and was hailed by his kinsmen as a champion of the Arkanian race. Jeth primarily resided on his homeworld of Arkania, where he instructed many of the era's most prominent Jedi in the ways of the Force.  In 4,030 BBY, Jeth was part of the Jedi and Republic task force that was sent to the Hapes Cluster to eliminate the threat of the Lorell Raiders, pirates who had preyed on Republic shipping lanes for decades. Jeth was then chosen to lead two dozen Jedi Knights to combat the Nelori Marauders, whose quest of terror and piracy spanned throughout the Hyabb-Twith Corridor. The Marauders were defeated through Jeth's use of Jedi battle meditation, a rarely seen Force ability that simultaneously invigorated his allies and demoralized his enemies. The Arkanian Master proved himself again when he ended the Great Droid Revolution on Coruscant through a demonstration of "mechu macture": the incapacitation of droids via the Force. Jeth harassed the slavery operations of the space-city Ereesus shortly afterward, and liberated the Twi'lek Doneeta family, whose young son Tott was identified as strong in the Force and taken as Jeth's apprentice. The Jedi Master returned to his praxeum on Arkania, where he trained Doneeta alongside many others, including brothers Cay and Ulic Qel-Droma, the latter of whom Jeth regarded as his most gifted student. The Arkanian Jedi sent Doneeta and the brothers Qel-Droma in 4,000 BBY to settle a civil dispute on the planet Onderon between the citizens of the capital city of Iziz, and the exiled Beast Riders of the planet's wilderness. His charges failed utterly in their mission and, as the final battle of the Beast Wars erupted, Jeth arrived on Onderon to defeat the Sith armies of Queen Amanoa, and with whom was also banished the power of the dark side from Iziz. He and his students remained on the Inner Rim world for the next two years, during which time Amanoa's widower, the sorcerer-King Ommin, staged an uprising in the name of his Sith forefather, Freedon Nadd. Jeth was captured and tortured by the king and the spirit of Nadd, but was ultimately rescued by a team of Jedi Knights, led by Ulic Qel-Droma, and the prodigious young Nomi Sunrider.  Although the dark side was permanently driven from Onderon through the efforts of the Jedi, the oppression of the Sith survived in the form of the Krath cult of the Empress Teta system. Master Jeth assumed responsibility of the besieged Tetan worlds, and sent Qel-Droma and Sunrider to join the Republic Navy in battle against the Sith. Their forces were soundly defeated by the sorcery of the Krath, however, and the Jedi Assembly organized a mass-gathering on the planet Deneba in response, to discuss the growing dark side threat. Jeth was present for the Jedi conclave and advocated for swift and decisive action against the new Sith, but spoke sternly against the infiltration mission proposed by Ulic Qel-Droma. It was during the convocation's recess that an army of Krath war droids beset the Jedi, and Master Jeth joined his fellows in battle against them. However, he suffered a fatal posterior blaster wound, and became one with the Force in the arms of his greatest student.

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