Arm Yourself
Mission Data
Start Overseer Tremel
End Overseer Tremel
Level 1
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Korriban
Experience 180
Previous Next
n/a Judge and Executioner

Arm Yourself is the first mission in the Sith Warrior's story arc.[1] The Warrior will gain this quest automatically after disembarking their ship and talking with Overseer Tremel. Tremel will send the Warrior into Ajunta Pall's tomb to retrieve the Sith Warblade.


  1. Explore the Armory
  2. Exit the Armory
  3. Return to Overseer Tremel's New Location in the Sith Academy.

Explore the Armory

The Warrior will have to go deep into Ajunta Pall's Tomb in order to retrieve the blade. K'lor'slugs will continually attack the Warrior, as will tomb looters. Upon killing a K'lor'slug Forager, the bonus mission Reclaiming the Valley will be given.

Exit the Armory

Once the Warrior retrieves the blade and equips it, the Warrior will be attacked by ancient Droid Sentries. Killing these droids will complete another bonus mission, Ajunta's Ancient Army. If the warrior kills any more K'lor'slug on the way out of the tomb another bonus mission, Test Your New Blade will be given.

Return to Overseer Tremel's New Location in the Sith Academy

After exiting the tombs, whether by fighting back to the surface or being revived at the medcenter, the Warrior will be told to return to Tremel, in the Sith Academy. When entering the Academy, the Warrior will have the option to talk to Assistant Overseer Loun, who will give the Warrior the mission Learning from the Best. The Warrior continues through the Academy, where the character will confront the primary rival, Vemren, then talk to Tremel to complete the mission and begin the next assignment.


The rewards upon completing this mission are:

  • Credits Credits (60)
  • XP +1095


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