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Level 50 mission
Imperial Agent Class Mission

Planet Corellia
Area Government District
Start Keeper
End Keeper
Bonus Down in History
Previous The Apocalypse Party
Next The Star Chamber

Armageddon is a level 50 class mission available to Imperial Agents. It is obtained on Corellia by interacting with the holoterminal in the Imperial Central Command.


The machinations of the Star Cabal conspiracy have resulted in the dissolution of Imperial Intelligence and your transfer into the Imperial military. While serving on the Corellian front lines, you must secretly work with Keeper to uncover and thwart the conspirators' plans.

You've managed to derail the conspirators' efforts on Corellia, and now must stage your own death in order to escape their attention and strike from hiding. Retrieve a set of explosive charges from Imperial Central Command in the government district.


  • Acquire Explosives
  • Plant the First Explosive
  • Plant the Second Explosive
  • Plant the Third Explosive
  • Plant the Fourth Explosive
  • Plant the Final Bomb
  • Escape from the Building
  • Defeat Neyla Hawkins
  • Defeat the SIS Agents
  • Escape from the Building
  • Use Your Personal Holocom



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