SWTOR-Republic Walker

The Armored Transport or AT-TAT (All Terrain-Tactical Armoured Transport) is a Republic military walker seen in StarWars The Old Republic. The AT-TAT was the mainstay armoured vehicle in the Republic military and was used on the frontlines and elsewhere against the Empire and many other threats to the republic During the old republic and the Galactic War. 


The AT-TAT is aproximetly 50 feet in length. It is equped with multilayered Durasteel armour panels with holographic projection systems (the blue window panels are external holo capturing sensors that relay a 2D and 3D projection to the 4 crew members in the 'head' of the walker). Unlike other walker varients of the time it uses a 4 leg propulsion method this allows for greater stability when travelling over rough terrain but at the cost of manuverability and speed. The walker can function as a mobile gun platform or assualt vehicle, it is equipped with two standard laser battery cannons attached to its head and two smaller anti infrantry laser pods equipped to the underside on both sides of the walker. Placed on either side of the head are concussive missile luanchers hower due to a lack of a reload ability in field they tend not to be used unless absolutly neccesary. The main compartment of the walker can house up to 20 personnel though the number of seats allows for 12. The rear of the vehicle lowers and works as an extending ramp to allow access in and out of the transport. The crew compliment consists of 2 side gunners, 1 driver, 1 navigator/co-pilot, 1 forward gunner and the vehicle commander.



The AT-TAT resembles the AT-TE (All Terrain-Tactical Enforcer) used by the Grand army of the Republic during the clone wars and the later AT-AT (All Terrain-Armoured Transport) of the great galactic empire by storm troopers most iconically in the battle of Hoth over 3000 years later.

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