Arsenal is one of the three Disciplines avaible to the Mercenary Advanced Class. It focuses on long-range sustained damage.

The Arsenal Mercenary specializes in distance attacks, employing long-range weapons to demolish anyone unlucky enough to be in their sights. Devestating missile-fire combinations and relentless blaster volleys generate a spectacle of explosive brilliance and transform the Bounty Hunter into a virtural artillery platform.

Level Avaible Ability Range Cooldown Description
10 Tracer Missile 30m Launches a missile at the target that deals [x] kinetic damage, sunders the target, and leaves a heat signature on them. Sundered targets have their armor reduced by 20% for 45 seconds. Heat Signatures leave the target vulnerable to Rail Shot and increases the damage they take from Heatseeker Missiles for 45 seconds.
26 Heatseeker Missiles 30m 15s Fires several missiles that deal [x] kinetic damage. This damage is increased by 25% if the target is affected by your heat signature.
41 Priming Shot 30m 18s Fires a priming shot at the target that deals [x] weapon damage, and if it successfully hits the target, allows your next Tracer Missile to activate instantly. Requires two blasters. 
57 Blazing Bolts 30m 15 Fires a continuous wave of blaster bolts at the target, dealing [x] weapon damage and generating 16 heat over the durration. Weak and Standard enemies caught in the blaze of bolts are stunned for the duration. Requires two blasters. Shares a cooldown with Unload.
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