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"The position of Mandalore is part general, part king, all warlord. It is not hereditary and centuries can go by without the Mandalorian clans uniting behind a single ruler. But when one warrior has both the vision and the strength to claim the title, all clans must either recognize his authority or war against it. Mandalore the Vindicated earned his name through right of conquest, defeating everyone who opposed him. First as a competitor in the Great Hunt, then by toppling his predecessor in single combat and finally by crushing the defiance of the clans who would not stand with him. Today his position is absolute and the Mandalorians have prospered, but few believe that his ambition ends at being a well-paid ally of the Empire."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Artus Lok, also known as Mandalore the Vindicated is a male Mandalore who rose to power sometime after the Treaty of Coruscant. His predecessor, known later as Mandalore the Lesser failed to blockade the Hydian Way, and to energize the clans to regain his people's support, he called the Great Hunt - a competition for glory on a galactic scale. Artus became the champion of the hunt and challenged Mandalore to a duel and shot him, becoming Mandalore himself. Gaining power over the clans, Mandalore crushed an uprising by a faction of his own people who believed the Mandalorians should support the Republic, following Mandalore the Preserver's path.

It is uncertain whether the new Mandalore is a pawn of the Sith Empire like his predecessor.

Mandalore the Vindicated fell in battle against the invasion of the Eternal Empire.

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