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Aryn Leneer was a Jedi Knight and former Padawan of Jedi Master Ven Zallow. She was on Alderaan during the Sacking of Coruscant, along with Dar'Nala, Syo Bakarn, and Satele Shan. She is known to have powerful empathetic Force abilities.


Aryn was born on Balmorra and orphaned while still an infant. She was found by Jedi Master Ven Zallow and taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Once she was deemed ready to train as a Padawan, Zallow took her in as his apprentice and used the Great Galactic War as an opportunity to train her for the trials. Overtime, the forged a very strong bond - stronger than the normal Master/Padawan bond, because as time went on, Leneer began to see Zallow as more of a father.

Upon achieveing the rank of Jedi Knight, Aryn joined up with Havoc Squad as a hybrid before the squad became strictly a special forces unit. She joined forces with Zeerid Korr, and the two became friends of the corse of several years of work against the Empire.

The Sacking of Coruscant

When the Empire called for a cease-fire, Aryn was sent along as member of a peace delegation with several other Jedi to Alderaan, where she was the first to feel the deaths of fellow Jedi during the Sacking of Coruscant, and, most painfully, the death of Master Zallow.

Furious at the death of her Master and the attack on the Republic capital, Aryn flew into a rage and attacked two Sith at the summit before she was restrained by Master Syo Bakarn. Darth Baras, the Sith representative to the summit, confirmed that the Empire had attacked Coruscant and was prepared to use the planet as leverage to have the potential treaty lean in their direction.

Aryn left the summit without consulting the other Jedi and departed Alderaan in search of her old friend Zeerid, hoping to find a way onto the planet and kill the man who had murdered Zallow. As it turned out, Zeerid was attempting to get to the planet himself, but for entirely different purposes. Aryn only told Zeerid that she was on Jedi business, but her secret was eventually discovered, and Zeerid kept trying to keep Aryn from pursuing revenge. But the two managed to get through the Imperial blockade of the planet and survive a descent to the planet, with Aryn using the Force to coushin a fall from Zeerid's burning ship.

Upon landing on the planet, Malgus - Zallow's killer - discovered the identity of the Jedi on the ground and also discovered her intentions for being on the planet. Aryn and Zeerid traveled to the ruins of the Jedi Temple and ran across Zallow's astromech droid, T7-O1, who dug up records of the attack - including Malgus' face. Malgus tracked Aryn to the Temple, and the two had a brief lightsaber duel on the ruins. At this point, Aryn had almost completely fallen to the dark side, but she managed to find herself and escape the fight with Zeerid and T7.

With a much cooler head, Aryn located Malgus' Twilek companion, Eleena Daru, at the Coruscant spaceport, and held her hostage to draw Malgus out. Saying goodbye to Zeerid (who stole a ship with hopes of slipping past the blockade), she confronted Malgus once again, with the ensuing duel ending with Aryn's defeat.

To her surprise, Malgus allowed her to leave the planet without giving her a reason why. In addition to sparing her life, Malgus also allowed Zeerid's stolen ship to leave.


Upon her return to the Jedi Order, she resigned due to her actions, even though the Order defended what she did, considering that she spared Eleena's life. No longer bound by the rules and confines of the Order, Aryn tracked Zeerid Korr down to his newly purchased farm on Dantooine with his daughter, and decided to stay with them. 


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