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Sith Empire Ashara Zavros Sith Empire
Ashara Zavros

Sith Inquisitor companion

Faction: Sith Empire
Species: Togruta
Gender: Female
Planet: Taris
Weapon(s): Lightsabers
Voice actor: Azura Skye

Ashara Zavros is a female Togruta companion of the Sith Inquisitor player character.


A twenty-year-old Togruta Padawan, Ashara Zavros descends from a long line of Force users. From an early age, she has aspired to study the Force and become one of the best Jedi the order has to offer.

Ashara came to Taris to train under Jedi Masters Ryen and Ocera, whose philosophy is that Padawans best learn the travails of using the Force through firsthand experience of the galaxy. In Ashara's case, the Masters brought her to Taris for two reasons: First, to teach her compassion amidst the destruction that had occurred there and warn against the dangers of pride and the dark side. Second, to complete her trials by helping to drive a dark ghost from the ruins of a Jedi enclave.


Likes: Rational choices, secrets of the Force, fighting bullies

Dislikes: Random cruelty, fighting Jedi


Ashara Zavros prefers Republic Memorabilia gifts.

Ashara Zavros Preferences
Gift Affection
Courting – (❤️❤️❤️)
Cultural 💚💚
Imperial – (💙)
Luxury – (💙)
Military 💙 (💚💚)
Republic ❤️❤️❤️
Technology – (💙)
Weapon 💙 (💚💚)


  • Players with a female character once had a problem gifting Ashara, as she did not accept most of your gifts. This has since been fixed.

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  • Patch 5.2.0 - The War for Iokath (18 Apr 2017): Corrected an issue where the following Companions would not use voice lines while in healing mode: Vette, Andronikos Revel, Ensign Temple, Jaesa Willsaam (Light Side only), Lieutenant Pierce, Ashara Zavros, and Xalek.
  • Patch 4.0.3 (7 Dec 2015): It's no longer possible to obtain Ashara Zavros as a follower without completing the prerequisite Mission.
  • Patch 2.2.3 (23 Jul 2013): Ashara Zavros no longer displays incorrect skin texture when Customization 3 is equipped.
  • Patch 2.0.0 (9 Apr 2013): Freeze will now deal damage in addition to slowing the movement of the target.
  • Patch 1.3.0 (26 Jun 2012): An issue that caused parts of this companion to become invisible when equipped with the dancer outfit has been corrected.
  • Patch 1.2.0 (12 Apr 2012): Corrected issues that could prevent players from gaining or losing affection in the conversations related to the missions "Peace is a Lie" and "Silent Treatment."
  • Patch 1.1.0 (18 Jan 2012): Ashara's Force Blast ability has had its damage increased.
    • Ashara now animates correctly when using dual wield attacks.
  • Patch 1.0.0 (13 Dec 2011): Added.