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Level 17-22
Location Unknown
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Hammer Station Mandalorian Raiders
Professor Ley'Arsha
The Beast of Vodal Kressh
Prophet of Vodal
"For most galactic travelers, the planet Athiss barely warrants a second glance on the scanner. It appears to be nothing more than a small world off the Descri Wris hyperlane, with little of interest besides a scattering of unexplored ruins. But the Jedi Archives tell a grim story. The Jedi Master Chamma visited Athiss early in his career and clashed with a dark side entity there. The duel, and the oppressive feeling of evil on Athiss’s surface, drove Chamma close to the dark side of the Force. Shaken by the experience, he went into a self-imposed exile; it was almost a century before he came to terms with what he had seen and felt on Athiss, and was able to return to the order. The many ruins on Athiss have never been properly studied. They resemble the architecture of the ancient Sith Empire, but their purpose is mysterious. A few records of Athiss survive in the libraries of the Citadel, but contemporary Sith scholars are forbidden from studying them, on the personal order of the Emperor."
―In-game Codex (Codex/Lore)[src]

Athiss is a mid-game Flashpoint for both the Republic and the Empire. Suggested levels for this Flashpoint are levels 17-22.

Codex Location

This lore will be granted when you enter the ”Athiss” flashpoint.


A millennium ago the planet Athiss was a Sith sanctuary that held the sanctuary of Vodal Kressh, a powerful Sith Lord and among the greatest alchemists the Empire had ever known. Vodal was a powerful and ambitious Sith, but he was also utterly mad. So much so that after his death the Emperor ordered Kressh's sanctum sealed, and the planet declared a forbidden zone. Now something stirs on the planet's surface once again.

A Republic archaeological team discovered the planet while on a survey mission, and began to excavate the ancient Sith ruins. During their study of the ruins the strike team has discovered something powerful, feeding on the Dark Side power that emanates from the ruins. Now both the Republic and the Empire are scrambling together strike teams to make their way to the planet, confront the threat and make sure that it never leaves the abandoned world.

Athiss is available to both Republic and Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 21.


Responding to the distress signal of a Galactic Republic starship that had crashed on Athiss, a Jedi team came to the planet. Each member was attacked by a Sith devotee. One was slain by Chamma, after which the other two fled.

During the Cold War, Athiss was the site of a mysterious cult devoted to Vodal Kressh, a powerful Sith Lord who once challenged the Sith Emperor. A team of operatives was dispatched to the planet to investigate. [1]

Get This Mission

There are two ways to add this mission to your mission log. One is by going to the terminal in the Fleet Dropship Launch Hangar area (from Fleet Main Floor take east (Republic) or west (Empire) elevator to Dropship Launch Hangar). Another way is to join Group Finder Queue (icon on mini-map). However, if you go to the terminal in the Dropship Launch Hangar to get the quest and then also sign in using the Group Finder Queue, you'll see that they are actually separate rewards. If you're doing this for the fun of grouping, it doesn't matter which way you get the quest. But if you're using the flashpoints as a means of leveling up and gaining commendations to buy gear, getting both versions of the quest is a nice reward for doing a single flashpoint.


1. Professor Ley'Arsha

This is the first boss.

2. The Beast of Vodal Kressh

This is the second boss.

3. The Prophet of Vodal

This is the final boss within Athiss.

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