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Attack of the Flesh Raiders

Level 1 mission
Jedi Knight Class Mission

Planet Tython
Area [[Masters' Retreat
The Gnarls
Jedi Temple]]
Location Gnarls Cavern
Start Character creation
End [[Master Satele Shan]]
Bonus Icon class jediknight [1] Halt the Assault
Icon class jediknight [1] Clear the Path to the Jedi Temple
Next Icon class jediknight [5] High-Tech Savages

Attack of the Flesh Raiders is the first mission available to Jedi Knights. It is obtained on the planet Tython, immediately after the player arrives on the planet following character creation. This mission is part of the Jedi Knight class story line, and takes players from Masters' Retreat, to the Gnarls, and finally the Jedi Temple.


Flesh Raiders have mounted an assault on the Jedi training grounds in the Gnarls. Derrin Weller has asked you to help ward off this threat.
~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Attack of the Flesh Raiders mission description

Jedi in the Gnarls, including Master Orgus Din, fight against the Flesh Raiders attacking the Order's training grounds. Meanwhile, Padawan Unaw Aharo successfully locates the cavern used by the natives to access the Gnarls. While investigating the site the padawan is confronted by Callef, a force user who identifies himself as the leader of the invading forces.


  • Choice: "Not attacking--cleansing. And we have only begun."
Light Side Icon +50 -- "I'm asking you to surrender."
Dark Side Icon +50 -- "No, you're done. [Attack]"
  • Choice: "This is why the Jedi enter battles calmly, with reason. Emotions like fear and anger lead to the dark side."
  • Bonus reward: Minormedpac Minor Medpac -- "I'm strong enough to resist."


Bonus rewards[]

Mission Chain[]

  1. Icon class jediknight [1] Attack of the Flesh Raiders
  2. Icon class jediknight [5] High-Tech Savages
    • Icon class jediknight [3] Low-Tech Methods (Bonus)
  3. Icon class jediknight [6] Enemy Force
    • Icon class jediknight [4] Guards of the Leader (Bonus)
  4. Icon class jediknight [6] The Face of the Enemy
  5. Icon class jediknight [7] Dark Temptations
    • Icon class jediknight [6] Scars of the Dark Side (Bonus)
  6. Icon class jediknight [9] Weapon of the Jedi
    • Icon class jediknight [6] Remnants Invasion (Bonus)
    • Icon class jediknight [6] High Heresies (Bonus)
    • Icon class jediknight [7] Forge Ahead (Bonus)
    • Icon class jediknight [8] Putting Your New Weapon to Use (Bonus)
  7. Icon class jediknight [9] Seeking Darkness

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