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Attributes, aka stats, are the characteristics that affect character combat effectiveness. They are divided up between primary, secondary, and other attributes.

Base[edit | edit source]

Primary attribute for all classes. Increases aptitude in combat.
Increases the amount of damage that players can suffer before being defeated.
Increases the effectiveness of player's companions, their damage, healing, and health, as well as bonuses to crew skill time efficiency and critical rate.
Increases player's effectiveness in PvP combat.

Secondary[edit | edit source]

These attributes are calculated using base attributes and mods from skills, abilities, and equipment.

Offensive[edit | edit source]

Accuracy Rating
Increases the chance that player's attacks will affect the target.
Alacrity Rating
Increases the speed at which abilities are executed.
Critical Rating
Increases both the chance that an attack will deal increased damage, as well as the amount of that increased damage.

Defensive[edit | edit source]

Absorption Rating
The percentage of damage prevented when an attack is absorbed by the player's shield.
Defense Rating
The chance to avoid incoming attacks, broken down by attack type.
Shield Rating
The chance that incoming energy or kinetic damage will be reduced by the player's shield.

Power[edit | edit source]

Increases the damage and healing bonuses added to abilities.
Force Power
Increases Force damage and healing abilities.
Tech Power
Increases Tech damage and healing abilities.

Other[edit | edit source]

Increases your chance to direct group conversation choices.
PvP ranking.