Aurebesh is the written form of Galactic Basic, the language most commonly spoken in the Star Wars milieu. (See WookieepediaFavicon Aurebesh on Wookieepedia for more details.)

Class Descriptions

The Aurebesh descriptions of the eight playable classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic, as seen and translated from the website, are translated below. Any connections between these phrases and the perspective of being within the Old Republic are uncertain at this point in time.

Jedi Consular

"Unifier of the Republic"
Jedi Consular

"Intercept and Destroy the Javelin Dreadnought"

"Emperor's Children"

"Shadow of Grey"

"Dark Plague"

"Savior of the Jedi"

Jedi Knight

Jedi Knight
"Savior of the Galaxy"

"Destined to Become the Emperor's Nemesis"




"Galactic Profiteers"

"Wanted: By Rogan the Butcher"

"My Life, My Ship"

"A Little Luck, A Lot of Skill"


"Freedom's Shield"

"Defending the Line with a Very Big Gun"

"Cry Havoc"

"Protect the Loyal"


Sith Inquisitor

Sith Inquisitor Aurebesh
"Aspirant to the Dark Council"

"The Ritual of Force Walking"

"Terror and Manipulation"

"Dark Descendant"


Sith Warrior

Sith Warrior
"The Harbinger of Doom"

"Groomed for Power"


"Dominating, Fearsome"

Imperial Agent

Imperial Agent
"The Master of Deception"

"Protecting the Shadow Arsenal"



"Expose the Conspiracy"


Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter
"Masters of the Great Hunt"

"Extremely Dangerous"

Also of Note

On each of the 8 Class description screens there are rotating images of light sabers, blasters, helmets, pieces of armor, droids and/or images believed to be holocrons. Underneath each of these at a certain point in the animation are Aurebesh symbols with the following translations:

"Weapon Analysis" - Under Light Saber and Blaster Images

"Helmet Analysis" - Under Helmet Images

"Armor Analysis" - Under Armor Images

"Droid Analysis" - Under Droid Images

"Holocron Analysis" - Under Images Believed to be Holocrons

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