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Aurek Base Command Bunker

The Aurek Base Command Bunker is a Republic bunker located in the Whiterock Wastes on the planet Hoth. This area has a cantina, mailboxes, bind point, cargo hold access, class trainers, and a shuttle to the Hoth: Republic Orbital Station.


Mission start[]

  • Galactic Republic [38H4] Prisoner Extraction
  • Galactic Republic [38] Relay Race
  • Galactic Republic [38] Togruta Rescue

Mission objective[]

  • Galactic Republic Icon class jediknight.png [37] Suicide Squads
  • Galactic Republic [38] Power Vacuum
  • Galactic Republic Icon class jediknight.png [39] The Price of Victory


Class trainers[]

  • Anora Jessel <Jedi Consular Trainer>
  • Darb Misken <Jedi Knight Trainer>
  • Garla Seyn <Smuggler Trainer>
  • Lieutenant Dav Pold <Trooper Trainer>


  • Artok <Crew Skill Trade Vendor>
  • Beebo <Specialty Goods>
  • Brinton <Cantina Vendor>
  • Elsar <Modification Commendations Vendor>
  • Mular'Stef <Social Items Vendor>
  • Officer Veemo <Mods Vendor>
  • Private Janner <Medium Armor Vendor>
  • Private Tingo <Light Armor Vendor>
  • Sanin <Equipment Commendations Vendor>
  • Sergeant Anson <Heavy Armor Vendor>
  • Sergeant Dreeson <Stims Vendor>
  • Sergeant Mann <Weapons Vendor>


  • Republic Officer
  • Republic Soldier
  • Togruta Soldier
  • Utility Droid