BBA Acquisition Officer

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BBA Acquisition Officer
<Reputation Vendor>

BBA Acquisition Officer

Level 55 Vendor NPC

Species [[Human]]
Gender Male
Health 8565
Planet [[Republic Fleet]], [[Imperial Fleet]]
Region [[Carrick Station]], [[Vaiken Spacedock]]

[[Category:Republic Fleet NPCs]][[Category:Imperial Fleet NPCs]][[Category:Human NPCs]]

BBA Acquisition Officer is a human Bounty Brokers Association reputation vendor located in the Cartel Bazaar on both fleets.

Vendor[edit | edit source]

BBA Acquisition Officer offers a selection of custom bound to Legacy adaptive armor for purchase.

Vendor Store
95185832 960F5213B8BB029B.png Bounty Tracker's Armguards Credit.png 25,000

248FF961 49B2EED2FDB0BD36.png Bounty Tracker's Belt Credit.png 25,000

EB8313C7 931B1E3E102CCD5C.png Bounty Tracker's Boots Credit.png 43,750

5788FD9E FCF52FB1D3654C61.png Bounty Tracker's Gloves Credit.png 43,750

F4F1D81B 32F171B56B8283D3.png Bounty Tracker's Hat Credit.png 62,500

2004C34A B6E728C54AC5F179.png Bounty Tracker's Jacket Credit.png 62,500

32DE447D 635A1E044EBD3B71.png Bounty Tracker's Leggings Credit.png 62,500

79AE5FFC C0D527DBC5092392.png Contract Hunter's Boots Credit.png 52,500

3400A672 47A3434CCE58F30F.png Contract Hunter's Bracers Credit.png 30,000

B8E03F3A D08A8D72A56C6974.png Contract Hunter's Chestguard Credit.png 75,000

0EA5E758 EF476B60F632A35C.png Contract Hunter's Gloves Credit.png 52,500

16D9BEFC A5CCA26C8CE27F6F.png Contract Hunter's Headgear Credit.png 75,000

99659AD3 0C33288B7E5D6136.png Contract Hunter's Leggings Credit.png 75,000

31CB76FF B021CADEB9A9C779.png Contract Hunter's Vest Credit.png 75,000

2F7E646E E3D5B74BD330197C.png Contract Hunter's Waistcord Credit.png 30,000

7FB0EB6F 74A2DBE72E500EAA.png Master Hunter's Headgear Credit.png 100,000

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • See anything you like, give me a wink.
  • Here's what I got. Look quick if you want.
  • Bring your creds back any time.

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