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Core Worlds
32-36 Galactic Republic
Levels 16-20 Sith Empire

Status: Occupied by the Empire
Terrain: War-torn Plains
Key facts: The Sith Empire has taken a special interest in the manufacturing facilities on Balmorra, but a local resistance stands between them and full occupation.

Balmorra is an independent planet located in the Core Worlds region of space. It is know for its weapons manufacturing and is therefore highly sought after by both the Republic and the Empire.


Few places in the galaxy have seen the peace promised by the Treaty of Coruscant so thoroughly cast aside as the world of Balmorra. Fiercely independent, this long time ally of the Republic has led the galaxy in advanced droid and weapons manufacturing. Now Balmorra's workers live and suffer under a full Imperial occupation force.

Soon after Balmorra was colonized, in the infancy of the Republic, it became a haven for some of the most prolific manufacturers of fearsome weaponry and battle droids in the known galaxy. These terrible military assets, combined with the planet's strategic location close to the Core Worlds, kept Balmorra in a constant state of war. Setting its sights on the weapons of war manufactured on the planet, the Sith Empire resolved to take Balmorra, and in answer the Galactic Republic sent soldiers to aid the Balmorrans in their fight to preserve their independence.

As the war tore on and continued to spread, the strained Republic could no longer afford to spend its forces on Balmorra. Wave after wave of Republic troops were pulled off of the world for redeployment elsewhere in the galaxy, until finally, in accordance with the Treaty of Coruscant, the Republic was forced to officially end its support of Balmorra. A small, underground Republic force was left on the planet to aid their Resistance, but the Balmorrans knew the truth of it; they had been abandoned. Even so, the Empire was still unable to take full control of Balmorra.

Now, years after the treaty, a regrouped and rebuilt Republic is testing the limits of their fragile peace with the Empire, sending back the reinforcements they had pulled off the planet years before. Although the Balmorrans are accepting of Republic help, they do little to hide their resentment at having been abandoned years before. Meanwhile, the Sith Empire is escalating their presence on the planet, determined to claim Balmorra's weapons, and put an end to this conflict once and for all.

Codex entries[]

Balmorra has 30 codex entries: 4 bestiary, 5 datacrons (see below), 1 epic enemy, 8 locations, 6 lore, 1 organizations, 3 persons of note and 2 species.


Coordinates Reward Region Description Codex
191,-341 +4 Aim Bugtown (Republic) Locked chest located on the northern half of the broken bridge, north of the outpost. Requires a Lost Code Cylinder to open. Galactic History 53: The Conclave at Deneba


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