"The Balmorran Arms corporation has been one of Balmorra’s largest and most influential manufacturers of weapons, military equipment and droids for over a century. Its products cemented Balmorra’s reputation as a producer of high-quality technology, and shortly before the Imperial invasion, the company built a new factory headquarters–at the time, declared the most state-of-the-art arms production and research facility in the galaxy. When the Empire invaded, however, the Balmorran Arms Factory found a different purpose. The compound’s massive walls and production facilities became the core of the Balmorran resistance effort, giving Republic troops and Balmorran soldiers an impenetrable fortress with a nearly endless supply of resources and weaponry. In the years since, the factory has been under constant siege, but has never fallen. Rumor has it that the resistance has even taken advantage of the factory’s research facilities, developing devastating new technology to drive the Empire off Balmorra."
―In-game Codex Empire Side (Locations)[src]
"Built shortly before the imperial invasion by the prestigious Balmorran Arms corporation, the Balmorran Arms factory is unrivaled in its weapons production and research capabilities. It was designed to construct military equipment ranging from personal arms and armor to droids and heavy vehicles, all with top-notch quality and efficiency. Due to its tremendous manufacturing capacity, the fortress-like factory was one of the last holdouts of the resistance during the Imperial invasion, providing an almost inexhaustible supply of weapons and supplies to the besieged Balmorran people. Once the Empire finally gained control of the factory, however, the Imperial military wasted no time in putting the facilities to its own use."
―In-game Codex Republic Side (Locations)[src]

Map of the Balmorran Arms Factory

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