This organization entry can be granted on Balmorra.

Republic: X:-136, Y:2010

This is found while doing the 'Hasty Exit' quest inside Camp Shadow, near Gorinth Canyon.

Empire: X:-501, Y:2014

The entry is located inside Neebray Warehouse.


"Balmorra’s resistance fighters are more than patriotic guerilla warriors. People from all walks of life, from farmers and teachers to poets and musicians, risk everything to keep the dream of Balmorran freedom alive. Part of the Empire’s lack of success rooting out these rebels is due to an inability to detect such nondescript enemies until it is too late. Over the years, thousands of ordinary people have made the ultimate sacrifice for Balmorra, learning to hoist a blaster, training in burnt-out factories and toxic wastelands, and willingly dying to strike a blow against the hated Empire. To much of the citizenry, the resistance is made up of heroes–friends and neighbors who refused to suffer in silence. Other Balmorrans, however, wish the resistance would fade away, and believe it is past time to peacefully accept Imperial governance."
―Republic In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]
"Since the Republic was forced to withdraw from Balmorra following the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, the fight against the Empire has been carried out by a diverse group of native Balmorran resistance fighters. The resistance, led by many former members of the Balmorran army, has carried out repeated guerrilla strikes against Imperial forces, using their superior knowledge of the planet to harass the invaders. Joined occasionally by mercenaries from sympathetic worlds and–according to popular rumor–supplied by the Republic, the resistance has single-handedly ensured that the Empire is unable to claim complete control of Balmorra, holding and fortifying such vital tactical locations as the Balmorran Arms Factory and Outpost Victory."
―Empire In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]
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