Balosar Outpost
Balosar Outpost
An assault team is set to destroy the Imperial space station while attempting to disable the enemy fighters and defense satellites.
Vital statistics
Location Balosar orbit
Rewards Credits Credits (330) XP +1995
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This is a Republic Space Battle mission to disable the Balosar Outpost's defenses in the Coreward Worlds. The Empire has constructed an illegal hidden space station in the Balosar system to act as a staging point for covert assaults on Republic territories. All available ships have been dispatched to destroy the station, but additional forces will be necessary to breach the Imperial defenses. Bonus points are awarded for destroying Imperial interceptors.

Mission Objectives

Primary Objectives:

  • Destroy 3 station antennae
  • Destroy 2 station shield generators
  • Destroy 12 station turrets
  • Destroy 3 station hangars

Secondary Objectives (Bonus):

  • Neutralise Imperial Interceptors: Shoot Down 60 Mark VI Interceptors
  • Take Out the Communications Array:
This can be completed once per day and grants a large XP (~2600 XP) and credits bonus reward (~600 credits). It will take a lot of missiles and blaster fire even though it flashes blue. It will be destroyed eventually. At least level 1 ship upgrades are recommended to try this.
  • Clear the Defense Grid: (This bonus missions becomes available at level 30.)
Destory 4 Defense Satellites
Destroy 20 Frigate Turrets

Mission Rewards

The following are the awards for completing the space battle (does not include xp for bonus objectives):

  • Credits Credits (330)
  • XP +1995 (XP is gradually reduced down to XP +5 for higher level characters)
  • 1 Fleet Commendation

Fuel Cost

Below are the fuel costs from various locations within the galaxy:

Experience Points

Mark VI Interceptors

Each fighter interceptor is worth 7xp.

Defense satellites

The defense satellites are those smaller gray stations throughout the mission. They can be destroyed with a couple missiles or sustained blaster fire and grant 50xp.

Station Super Antennae

If the super antennae underneath the space station is destroyed after the bonus mission for the day has already been completed, a 500xp bonus is still awarded.

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