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Be the Enemy

Level 15 mission
Imperial Agent Class Mission

Planet [[Balmorra]]
Area [[Power Generator]]
Start [[Holoterminal]]
End [[Chemish Or]]
Previous Icon class imperialagent.png [16] Darth Zhorrid Arrives
Next Icon class imperialagent.png [17] Know the Enemy

Be the Enemy is a level 15 class mission available to Imperial Agents. It is obtained on the X-70B Phantom by interacting with the ship's holoterminal.


You have received instructions to travel to Balmorra as part of your mission to eliminate the Eagle's galaxy-spanning terrorist network. The Eagle is already responsible for thousands of civilian deaths and the assassination of Darth Jadus; his forces must be stopped before they do further damage to the Empire.

Use your ship's galaxy map to travel to the planet Balmorra.

~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Be the Enemy mission description


  • Choice: Neutralize the power cores
  • Light Side Icon.png +100 "Let's sabotage her plan."
  • Neutralize the Power Cores
  • Choice: Leave the power cores intact
  • Dark Side Icon.png +100 "We can't take that chance." or "Enough of this."
  • Recover Shielded Power Cores


  • 4431 XP
  • Credit.png 265
  • Light Side Icon.png +100 -or- Dark Side Icon.png +100

Provided Rewards:

Select One Reward:

Mission chain[]

  1. Icon class imperialagent.png [15] Be the Enemy
  2. Icon class imperialagent.png [17] Know the Enemy
  3. Icon class imperialagent.png [19] Destroy the Enemy

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