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Galactic Republic Belsavis Galactic Republic

Distant Outer Rim

Allegiance: Galactic Republic
Status: Following the Chaos of an Imperial Prison Break Initiative, the Republic is Striving to Restore Order
Terrain: Ice Covered with Small Pockets of Volcanic Temperate Zones
Key facts: Prison world maintained by the Republic

Belsavis is a planet in the Distant Outer Rim, found within the Bozhnee sector. The furthest of six planets from the system's star, Belsavis is a largely-frozen wasteland. However, habitable temperate regions can be found scattered across the planet's surface, created by localized volcanic activity. Belsavis is home to The Tomb, an ancient prison now operated by the Republic.[1]


Belsavis' existence has been known by the Republic for centuries, but interest in the planet has been scarce until recently. Due to its distance from the star it orbits much of Belsavis' surface is perpetually covered in ice, save for several volcanically-active temperate zones scattered across its surface. It was during a research expedition to study these areas that Republic scientists discovered an ancient prison, constructed by the Infinite Empire.[1]

The prison proved highly defensible and secure, utilizing both mechanized and biological defenses to contain the prisoners held within its stasis chambers. In an effort to ensure those housed in the facility remained contained, the Republic stationed a small force to maintain the complex, while simultaneously constructing the Republic prison known as the Tomb on the planet's surface.[1]

The Republic reserved imprisonment on Belsavis for criminals considered to be an extreme threat that, for various reasons, could not be executed; during the Great War many Sith prisoners were secured in the Tomb. Over time, however, the prison's existence and location were learned by the Empire. Imperial strike teams sent to Belsavis have since engaged Republic forces, instigating a prison break in an attempt to free those loyal to the Empire.[1]

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