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Republic.png Bex Kolos Republic.png
Bex Kolos

Silver.png Level 31 Ranged NPC (Strong)

Faction Galactic Republic
Species Human
Gender Male
Health 6015
Planet Ord Mantell
Region Drelliad Village
Location [-46, -395]
Status Deceased
Introduced Star Wars: The Old Republic
Voiced by Norm Woodel

Lieutenant "Gearbox" Bex Kolos is a male human first encountered by Trooper player characters on Ord Mantell. Kolos is a capable engineer and member of Havoc Squad.[1]


Separatists on Ord Mantell have been seizing Republic munitions for use in their revolutionary efforts. They retrieved a ZR-57 orbital strike bomb from a downed transport and Havoc Squad has been tasked with the explosive's retrieval. A transport walker carrying several soldiers, including Lieutenant "Gearbox" Kolos, was traveling to Fort Garnik when it was immobilized by separatist missile fire near Drelliad Village.[1]

Mission objective
Icon class trooper.png [2] Hit the Ground Running


Upon Havoc Squad's defection, Gearbox was sent to Alderaan to take part in an unknown Imperial subversion operation known as Project B. He is eventually tracked down by the Trooper and killed in action, despite unleashing an experimental prototype war droid on Havoc Squad before jumping into action himself.


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