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Big Chief

Level 6 mission
Bounty Hunter Class Mission

Planet [[Hutta]]
Area [[Jiguuna
Hutta Swamps]]
Location The Poison Pit
Nem'ro's Palace
Start [[Mako]]
End [[Nem'ro the Hutt]]
Bonus Icon class bountyhunter [5] Keeping Them in Line

Big Chief is a level 6 mission available to Bounty Hunters. It is received after defeating Vexx in Hangar 01 of the Jiguuna Spaceport, on the planet Hutta. This mission is part of the Bounty Hunter class storyline and takes place in the area known as Jiguuna.


Braden and Jory have been murdered by a rival bounty hunter named Tarro Blood. Gaining Nem'ro's support for the Great Hunt will be even more difficult now.
~ Star Wars: The Old Republic, Big Chief mission description


  • Choice: "You would desecrate our dead and give it to this... to an outsider?"
Dark Side Icon +50 -- "I prefer bloodshed. [Attack]"
  • Defeat Huttsbane and Take His Head
  • Defeat the Other Evocii
  • Choice: "Today, we must place survival above honor. Outsider--will you take the head of a dead warrior as a substitute?"
Light Side Icon +50 -- "Hmm... all right."
Dark Side Icon +50 -- "Only if I can hack it off."
Dark Side Icon +50 -- "No substitutes. [Attack]"
  • Defeat Huttsbane and Take His Head
  • Defeat the Other Evocii
  • Use Your Personal Holocom
  • Return to Nem'ro the Hutt


Mission chain[]

  1. Icon class bountyhunter [3] Gauntlet
  2. Icon class bountyhunter [4] The Last Flight
  3. Icon class bountyhunter [6] Big Chief
  4. Icon class bountyhunter [7] Settling Accounts
  5. Icon class bountyhunter [8] House Cleaning
  6. Icon class bountyhunter [9] My Sponsorship
  7. Icon class bountyhunter [11] Escaping Hutta

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