Bind can mean one of the following in Star Wars: The Old Republic:

  1. To bind an item, so it can no longer be traded to another character (or put up for sale at the Galactic Trade Network); this is also known as Bound. Also see, Bind on Pickup and Bind on Equip. A warning pops up before one preforms an action that binds an item to a character.
  2. To enable a Bind Point as destination of the Quick Travel ability.
  3. To set a keyboard character as a hotkey.

Item Binding Type

All items are also classified by how they "bind" to a player. Item binding types fall into one of these types:

Bind on Equip (BoE)
Items of this type become Bound to the first character that equips the item. If the item is marked (Item Modifications), then it becomes bound the first time it is applied to an Item Modifications slot.
Bind on Pickup (BoP)
Items of this type become Bound to a character after being acquired by the player. A warning appears before one pickups a BoP item.

Enabling a Bind Point

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