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Black Talon
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Black Talon
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The Black Talon was a Gage-class transport of the Sith Empire's navy active during the Cold War. It was commanded by Revinal Orzik, until his death.


In the final years of the Cold War, Grand Moff Rycus Kilran ordered the Black Talon to intercept the Republic warship Breental Star and eliminate its passenger, a defector known only as "The General". However, the ship's commanding officer, Captain Revinal Orzik, chose to disobey Kilran's instructions and remain at Vaiken Spacedock.

Shortly thereafter, a group of Imperial-aligned individuals boarded the Black Talon as its crew prepared to depart for a run to Dromund Kaas. Once on board, they were greeted by the protocol droid NR-02, revealed to be one of Grand Moff Kilran's "hands" aboard the transport. Following a brief holo-conference with Kilran, the Imperials took up Captain Orzik's task. After fighting through most of the Black Talon's security, the group executed Orzik for treason, per the Grand Moff's suggestion. With the coordinates of the Brentaal Star, provided by NR-02, the remainder of the Black Talon's crew entered hyperspace, and, upon arrival to the Republic ship's position, began an assault so that a boarding party might capture or eliminate the General. While Kilran's representatives led the conflict aboard the Brentaal Star, Imperial Lieutenant Sylas coordinated ship-to-ship combat. Unfortunately, as the boarding party succeeded, a group of the Black Talon's officers attempted to flee, agitated by the behavior of Kilran's operatives. A firefight took place once Lieutenant Sylas objected to such, and all combatants perished. Apparently unphased by the crew's actions, the group informed Kilran of the mission's completion as NR-02 directed the continuation of the vessel's run to Dromund Kaas. 

Following it's arrival on Dromund Kaas, the fate of the Black Talon is unknown. 

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