Black Talon Pulse-Wave Blaster
Binds on Pickup
Main Hand (Ranged), Offhand (Ranged)
47.0-86.0 Energy Damage (Rating 36)
Durability: 200/200
Total Stats:
+14 Aim
+17 Endurance
+106 Tech Power
Item Modifications
Color Crystal (12)
+3 Endurance
Barrel (12)
+6 Aim
+4 Endurance
Mod (12)
+8 Aim
+2 Endurance
Enhancement (12)
+8 Endurance
Requires Level 11
Requires Blaster Pistol
Forbidden to Light I and above

Black Talon Pulse-Wave Blaster is a drop from the Flashpoint The Black Talon. It drops from the final boss Yadira Ban.

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