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Independent Blearg
<Black Market Trader>


EliteLevel 50 Gamorrean Brawler NPC (Elite)

Faction Independent
Species Gamorrean
Gender Male
Occupation Merchant
Health 32435
Planet Tatooine
Region Outlaw's Den
Location [96, -824]
Status Alive
Introduced Star Wars: The Old Republic

Blearg is a Gamorrean black market vendor located in the Outlaw's Den on the planet Tatooine.


Blearg offers a selection of PvP related items for purchase.

Vendor Store
Contaminantsample.png Baradium Flux Imperialcommendation.png 1,000

Largecrate.png Grade 6 Crafting PvP Box Imperialcommendation.png 1,000

Mount.speederbike.modele.02.png Gurian Shadow Credit.png 150,000

Firstaidbox.png Ornate Medium Credit Case Imperialcommendation.png 50

Schematics.png Schematic: Warzone Adrenal Imperialcommendation.png 75

Redstimpack.png Warzone Adrenal Imperialcommendation.png 10

Redstimpack.png Warzone Adrenal Claninsignia.png 10

Imperialcommendation.png Warzone Commendation Claninsignia.png 10

Greenstimpack.png Warzone Medpac Imperialcommendation.png 10

Greenstimpack.png Warzone Medpac Claninsignia.png 10


  • Me kill many. Tired of lugging junk. You trade now!
  • Go away now!

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